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8 Things to Do In Port Vila Vanuatu When You Elope

Port Vila is the capital of Vanuatu, located on the island of Efate. It’s one of the best elopement destinations in this tropical country, as it’s easy to get to, and it has everything you need, all in one place – you can go from the city to remote beaches in under half an hour! 

It’s the perfect place to tie the knot for couples who are craving a once in a lifetime adventure on the day they get married, and there are endless adventures in and around town! This guide will tell you about 8 things to do when you elope in Port Vila – all of which are adventurous, fun, and will create memories you’ll want to last forever.

8 Adventurous Things to Do in Port Vila When You Elope

Every elopement is unique, and every couple is one of a kind – so the day you get married is all about finding the adventure that’s right for you! When you start planning your day, think about what would truly create the best day of your life. What would you do if you could do anything?

To get you inspired, here are 8 things you can do when you elope in Port Vila!

1- Go for a Sunrise Swim in the Surf

There’s something so captivating about the ocean – being in that vast expanse of blue feels otherworldly, and this is even more true at sunrise! Imagine swimming in the waves as they break on the shore, watching the sky glow in pink and red all around you, all while you’re next to the love of your life, ready to marry them later that day. 

2- Paddle Out on the Water

You can take a kayak or a paddle board out on the ocean, and find a cove or a quiet spot where the water sparkles and ripples calmly around you. Being on the water, away from everyone else, is such a magical experience, and you can make your way to one of the little sand islands, bring a mask and snorkel to catch a glimpse of the marine life, or just relax and enjoy being out there.

A couple kissing in front of a boat as they elope in Port Vila.

3- An adventurous thing to do in Port Vila when you elope: Explore Secret Beaches and Marine Reserves

There are plenty of well known beaches, but when you elope in Port Vila, you can also find some secluded, secret spots that you can have all to yourself! Whether you explore from the shoreline or you hop in the water to snorkel or swim amongst the otherworldly marine life, it’s an experience you won’t forget.

4- A unique thing to do in Port Vila when you elope: Take Underwater Wedding Photos

For a really unique experience, you can have underwater wedding photos taken! Once you dive under the surface, it’s like a whole other world, and the clear water of Port Vila’s beaches and swimming holes makes for the perfect setting. You’ll swim around and have a blast with the love of your life, and I’ll guide you through the whole experience to make it safe, fun and exhilarating, all the while snapping wedding photos that are truly one of a kind!

An example of things to do in Port vila: take couple photos underwater

5- Enjoy a Scenic Picnic

Everybody has to eat, so when you elope in Port Vila, you can set up a picnic and have dinner, or lunch, in front of a breathtaking view. Whether it’s by the ocean or next to a waterfall, you can have a delicious meal to celebrate tying the knot!

6- Hike Up a Waterfall

Around Port Vila, you’ll find amazingly wild and beautiful waterfalls that make a scenic backdrop for your elopement day. If you’re a couple who loves hiking and outdoor adventures, it can be super rewarding to hike to your ceremony spot, and to exchange vows with a cascading waterfall behind you. Afterwards, you can hop in the water and go for a dip!

A couple standing in front of a waterfall as they elope in Port Vila.

7- Cuddle Up By a Bonfire

There’s no better way to end the day you get married than with a bonfire on the beach. Cuddle up with your new spouse, as the ocean quietly rumbles, and watch as the stars begin to light up the night sky. You can make some s’mores, and have a quiet evening with your partner – or celebrate your marriage with some close friends or family!

example of things to do in Port Vila: enjoy the beach under the moonlight with lanterns

8- A gourmet thing to do in Port Vila when you elope: Enjoy a Private Chocolate and Rum Tasting

A unique experience that you can have when you elope in Port Vila is a private tasting of locally made rum and chocolate. You can try different flavors created by local artisans in Vanuatu, and celebrate tying the knot with this one of a kind gourmet adventure!

How to Decide On Things to Do in Port Vila When You Elope

Your elopement day is special – it’s the day you marry the person you love most in the world, and you’ve decided to make sure it’s unique and personal, and that it’s meaningful to you. As you plan your elopement, make sure that every decision you make is about the two of you – how do you want to get married? What would make this the best day ever? 

Dream big, and don’t hold back! Anything you can imagine for your elopement day is possible – and when you elope in Port Vila, you’re guaranteed to have a once in a lifetime adventure.

Ready to Elope in Port Vila?

I’m all about helping rad souls like you have the wedding day of their dreams – so when you elope in Port Vila, I’ll be your photographer, but I’ll also be your guide. Living in Vanuatu, I’ve spent years exploring all the secret beaches, less traveled spots, and underrated gems, and I’m ready to share it all with you. I’ll help you plan the elopement of your dreams, so whether you want to hike to a waterfall or have a relaxing picnic on the beach (or both!), I’ll give you personalized location recommendations, guidance on activities and things to do, and everything you need to make your dreams happen and have a wedding day you absolutely love.

If you want to elope in Port Vila, contact me, and we’ll start planning!

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