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5 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding in Vanuatu


If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience, Vanuatu is the perfect destination for you to consider. From dramatic volcanoes and lush rainforests to stunning beaches and sparkling blue lagoons, these paradise islands have it all. Here are 5 reasons why having a wedding in Vanuatu could be the perfect choice for you!

1-Incredible natural backdrops for the outdoors lovers

The islands of Vanuatu boast an incredible diversity of natural landscapes! All of them are wildly beautiful and more often than not, wonderfully untouched. With its dramatic volcanoes, lush rainforests and sparkling blue lagoons, Vanuatu is a destination off the beaten path! And yet, it is only just a direct flight away from Auckland and Australia’s main cities! Whether you dream of a beach wedding barefoot in the sand, or you’re leaning more towards a tropical rainforest ceremony, you are sure to find an amazing natural backdrop for your special day in Vanuatu! And for the bold romantics, adventure seekers, it is even possible to exchange wedding vows and say “I do” at the top of the world’s most accessible volcano: Mount Yasur, located on the mystical and magical island of Tanna.

Most resorts in Vanuatu are set against beautiful natural backdrops. Tucked by pristine beaches or nestled in gorgeous tropical gardens. This allows you to plan a ceremony in a setting that won’t require much work to look like a dream. It also makes it easy move from one beautiful spot to another for photos with your family and friends. Same for portraits of just the two of you.

The island of Efate is rather small. This means it is possible to have your ceremony at a resort, than hop in a car and drive away for photos in another dream location before heading back to your wedding reception or for an intimate wedding dinner just the two of you. A wedding day goes by real fast. In my view one of the truly magical things about a wedding in Vanuatu is that you can jam-pack it with so many things, and yet keep it laid-back and relaxed.

2- World-Class Resorts and Accommodation

With its selection of world-class resorts and accommodation, Vanuatu is the perfect destination for couples wanting to make their wedding day extra special. Every kind of accommodation is available in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. Options there range from luxury beachfront villas to cosy bungalows nestled in tropical gardens or directly on the beach. The main other islands, Tanna and Santo, also offer accommodation ranging from budget to world class. At the latter, you will find all the modern amenities one can hope for when planning a wedding. For those looking to explore the more remote islands of the archipelago, comfort might be more basic, but they will be rewarded with true adventure and memories for a lifetime.

couple standing in the sunset during their destination wedding in Vanuatu

3- A destination wedding in Vanuatu means warm weather all year round

Enjoy warm days all year round in Vanuatu. One of the most popular times of the year for a wedding in Vanuatu is the cooler season. Typically this would be between the months of June and September. While Australia and New Zealand are experiencing full on winter, days in Vanuatu remain nice and warm. Not too hot, not too cold either. You can exchange vows barefoot, decide to have wedding photos underwater, take a plunge at the foot of a towering waterfall, hold your reception on the beach under the stars and live in a dreamy tropical bubble just a few hours away from your wintery home.

couple taking underwater photos during destination wedding in Vanuatu

4- A destination wedding in Vanuatu is relaxed Wedding Planning Experience

Vanuatu has no waiting period for marriage licenses; and with the understanding that planning a wedding from overseas, particularly if you have never visited the destination before, can be somewhat dreadful, most if not all resorts offering wedding packages include wedding planning services.

The wedding planning team from your resort can help with lodging required paperwork to the Wedding Registry. They can also book a local celebrant to officiate during your ceremony, make appointments with a hairdresser and makeup artist, and look for details that match your vision for the day in terms of styling. This logistical support, added to a general relaxed vibe makes Vanuatu an ideal destination for couples that want to plan a hassle-free, relaxed wedding experience in a tropical paradise. Your dedicated wedding planner can arrange an unforgettable event catered to your dream. This means you can spend more time enjoying the beautiful island than worrying about the details!

And for couples looking to celebrate their special day with a “just us” experience an outdoor adventure, or an intimate time, I am thrilled to be more than your photographer and provide you with a list of activities that you can consider doing on your special day, ranging from paddling out in the sunrise, to enjoying a private rum and chocolate tasting. I can put my extensive local knowledge at your service to build up a timeline that will be both realistic and totally mind-blowing, and fitting your vision for this special day. All so that once again, you have nothing to worry about but having the best day ever, together.

destination wedding in Vanuatu, newlyweds first kiss in front of guests

5- A destination wedding in Vanuatu means rich culture and traditions to be explored

Vanuatu’s culture and traditions are famously diverse. Drawing from more than a hundred languages and cultures, your wedding will be unique and special to both of you.

Before and after the wedding, you may want to explore the friendly local culture. This may include with visits to nearby villages. You can also enjoy interactive cultural experiences at some of the island’s resorts – immersing yourselves in dancing and music that is sure to charm both you and your guests!

On the wedding day, it is possible to add some details of the local culture to your ceremony. Some venues offer for traditionally dressed warriors to accompany you to your ceremony. Others will also offer you the possibility to make an untypical entrance by ways of water, on a traditional canoe. It is also possible to book in a kava ceremony for those eager to try this traditional beverage of high importance in the Vanuatu culture.

And last but not least, for couples planning a reception and wedding party on the beach, bonfires and fire dance shows under the stars are a sure way to add a dreamy cultural touch to your wedding in Vanuatu.

Couple celebrating a destination wedding in Vanuatu on the beach

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